Institute Profile

The Institute is the largest accounting body in Eswatini, boasting a membership of 200+ members, (excluding students and other associates), 12% of whom are in public practice.

Further more:

-   The ESIA is a full member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) as well as the Eastern, Central and Southern African Federation of Accountants (ECSAFA)

-   The SIA Act provides for rules governing the establishment of the Institute and Council; registration of accountants and auditors; offences, penalties and disciplinary powers of Council.

-   ESIA holds an AGM where SIA members elect members of the council.

  ESIA members are recognized as Commissioners of Oaths.

-   The ESIA sets mandatory requirements for its members with regards to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

 The Institute comprises the following:

-   A Council that meets at least once a month. Council performs strategic decisions and is the overall decision making body of the Institute.

A Secretariat and Executive Director.

-  Various committees which include:

    -    Finance and Strategy

    -    Disciplinary Committee

    -    Training education, legislation and professional standards.

    -    Government accounting

    -    Taxation

As professionals, our members are subject to rules of professional conduct and a strict code of ethics  as contained in the ESIA Accountants Act and Code of Conduct.